Client Reviews

 Absolutely Loved it

Ainsley Forrest on Jan 3, 2022

So I hear my friend Destiny had a facial this afternoon…you’ll be happy to know she absolutely loved it & is raving about you in the group chat. God love her.

 Facial was amazing

 Destiny Lambert on Jan 8, 2022

I just wanted to message you and say my facial was amazing last night. Thank you so much! I just tried the serums and moisturizer that you gave me and they feel amazing. I will definitely be back to see you soon.

 My skin feels amazing

Maddy Williams on Dec 2, 2021

Hello! Omg my skin feels aaaaaaaaamazing! Thanks so much I loved it- will defs be back, And I’ve transferred that money!

 Such a big difference

Bec Jansens on Nov 5, 2021

I just went to do my nightly pop of pimples and pores haha and I actually noticed such a big difference on my skin – No way near as many blackheads or congestion!! Thanks so much lu xxx

 So much better

Theresa Brennan on Feb 5, 2021

My skin is so much better, so thank you!

 Love the products

Kristi Burns on October 19, 2021

Hi Lucinda, love the products!! Everyone has said my skin looks incredible! And I think so too!!

 Biggest satisfaction

Destiny Teakle on October 13, 2021

I think my biggest satisfaction is the less congestion in my pores

 My skin has never looked so good!

Jude Capewell on March 21, 2021

I would love to get some mineral foundation. My skin has never looked so good! I’ll be getting all of the products next visit!

 My skin is healing

Theresa Brenann on Feb 22, 2022

I know I will have to be much more patient for my long-term results, but I think perhaps it may be worth my while investing in a bottle of niacinamide & zinc as well. Also, I'm feeling so much better about my skin as its healing, so thank you! Still a long way to go but it's settling nicely. Oh God sorry for the essays hahaha.

 Feeling so much healthier already

Des Wynea on Feb 25, 2022

My skin is looking and feeling so much healthier already! So stoked

 You are so amazing

Mandy Dawn on Sep 26, 2021

You are so amazing at what you do! Thank you!

 Such a beautiful girl inside and out

Fiona Heller on April 12, 2021

Thank you sooo much for today. I really appreciate it. My skin is looking soo much better. You are such a beautiful girl inside and out.

 My skin is so much softer

Chery Tigers on Feb 02, 2022

So far these products feel amazing on my skin! And my skin is actually so much softer since the herbal treatment! I'm excited for more :D Thanks

 Nice to start my week

Bronte Shaddock on March 1, 2022

Hey lovely! I just want to thank you again for my treatment yesterday, it was such a nice start to my week to just relax and to learn so much about my skin. I can't wait for my next visit x

 Massive win today!

Tamara Jayne on August 2, 2021

Hey Lucinda! Just wanted to share that I had a massive win today! After my Saturday peel, although my skin is a bit dry, my makeup for the FIRST TIME EVER stayed pretty much all day. This has never happened before so it has to be the skin journey I'm on with you. Addicted to that zinc. Fingers crossed it just keeps getting better. I seriously love the products they sell and feel amazing.

 It has brightened me up

Hannah Dodd on August 3, 2021

Lu I just wanted to message to let you know my skin is feeling amazing! The peel has definitely brightened me up! Thank you so much it was so nice to be pampered and not to be doing it on myself :

 My skin was so flawless

Alice O’Neil on Jan 20, 2022

The makeup artist said that my skin was so flawless and that I must have a very good skin care routine! All thank to you, know no one’s ever given me a compliment like that for my skin.

 So much better

Glory Stewart on November 5, 2021

Absolutely so much better

 Glow Queen

Deanna Raven on March 7, 2022

You are the skin glow queen, thank you so much!


Stacey Morris on March 8, 2022

I had Tamara Thompson In for her trial today and holy shit her makeup sat PERFECTLY on her skin!

 My skin is feeling so much better

Toleah Dizon on March 9, 2022

Hi Lucinda, I just wanted to say thank you! My skin is already feeling and looking so much better and I'm so excited. I just wondered when would be suitable to pop in to purchase the Vitamin B, Ultimate A, Uber Zinc and Derma Calm products? Thank you.

 My skin has improved

Madi Stephen on Feb 10, 2022

Hi Lucinda, hope you are well. My skin has so much improved still breaking leading up to around my period but much better. I’ve been loving the Synergie kit products. I'm hoping to please get some prices and approx. ETA for the Vit. A, B and C cleanser and a moisturizer that you would recommend. Thank you so much.

 Big thank you

Adan Cruise on March 11, 2022

Hey Lu! I just wanted to send you a message to say a big thank you for Saturday. Despite my rush schedule, you manage to accommodate all my needs and make me feel very relaxed and bonus my skin is recovering from my poor lifestyle choices and dryness. Haha. I look forward to the next.


Bella Rowells on March 12, 2022

I did want to send you an update of my skin. It honestly feels amazing! I'm so happy!

 Running a down to earth service

Rhiannon Stone on March 13, 2022

Next week is perfect! Thank you! Aww my please! I still haven’t tried your products, waiting for mine to run out to then give it whirl. So slack haha. But you’re running a down to earth, genuinely lovely service so I couldn’t promote that! They’ve all loved their experiences so keep doing what you’re doing girl!

 Beautiful facial

Daine Gallens on March 14, 2022

Thank you so much for my beautiful facial, I absolutely love it. x

Amazing treatments

Brooke Davies on March 15, 2022

Morning Lu! Thank you so much for my little gift pack and for all of the amazing treatments I’ve had this year. My skin is the best it’s been in years and I now feel so confident being in public without makeup on, all thanks to you 😊 Looking forward to my next treatment. X

 My makeup still sits perfectly

Tamara Thompson on March 16, 2022

So I went to a Christmas party yesterday and got home and my makeup was still sitting perfectly. I can’t believe how far my skin has come and is going to see you again very soon. I just needed to message you to say thank you for how much you have improved my skin in the lead up to my wedding.

 Absolutely Love it

Alex Gelo on March 17, 2022

Thank you so much for my beautiful facial, I absolutely love it. x

 Dramatically improved

Rachael Gleeson on Feb 18, 2022

Hey Darls, just letting you know my skin has already dramatically improved since yesterday. I think it just needed some TLC, as it's been neglected. WTF my sore bumps and pimples on my chin have already gone!! Whatever you did, my skin loved it!!!

 My skin has cleared up so quickly

Mary Rose Casti on Jan 19, 2022

Hi Lucinda, I just wanted to let you know that those products I collected from you the other day are amazing! Apart from the fact my skin has cleared up so quickly it feels really clean and healthy- thank you!!

 Loving all the products

Katie Phingst on Dec 20, 2021

Thanks again for taking time out of your Sunday for me Lu. I'm loving all the products so far and already seeing a difference.

 Finally starting to improve

Anna Hamilton on Dec 01, 2021

I think my skin is FINALLY starting to improve with the LED and Synergie. Very exciting. Like still healing but not getting new big bad bumps coming up.

 Informative staff

Madi Lucht on Oct 22, 2021

Hey Lu! I just wanted to say thank you so much for referring me to Kara Ivy. I just had my initial appointment. She is so informative and vibes are high. I'm so excited to heal from the inside out and lean further into what my body is telling me. I can’t wait to see you next month. Hopefully with happier skin! X


Jenie Neilsen on June 23, 2021

Girl! Amazing!! My skin still has its brightness which is so good!!!

 Serums and moisturizers feel amazing

Destiny on March 04, 2022

I just wanted to message you and say my facial was amazing last night!! Thank you so much!! I just tried the serums and moisturizer that you gave me and they feel amazing!! I will definitely be back to see you soon!!